Countryside born and nature-bred, I have been blessed with a childhood of bruised knees, dirty clothes, treehouses and clean rivers. My love for the forest began at a young age. Later I discovered my love for the mountains, where I spend as mucht time as I can.
My journey began after graduating from University, when my wanderlust adventure-loving nature started beckoning me to explore the world that existed outside of austria.
My aim was to feel, see and explore the true world, which I did and I noticed that our world and it's people need my help. I want to use my talent to create awareness that we all need to team up and stand up for the protection of our worlds wild and beautiful places and the wonderful creatures that populate it. Photography and filming give me a voice to communicate and tell real stories and support eco friendly, sustainable brands which take responsibility for their impact.
My purpose is to ensure future generations get to exerience the wild like I had. 
Cooperations & Representations
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